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Course structures define the boundaries of instruction but they never determine the intensity, curiosity and level of engagement of both the instructors and the trainees.   This has been our experience across the variety of courses we offer.

MHE4U takes pride in bringing practical, readily applicable, and theoretically enriching training courses for your MHE personnel.

We have a range of accredited and unaccredited courses to choose from.  We can also offer tailor-made courses to train your employees to your specific site requirements

We follow the latest MHE instructional training standards. MHE4U believes that everyday innovation in upgrading the training techniques is a responsibility which comes with our encounters with new technology and challenges set by ever advancing industrial demands.    Our aim is not to teach, but to inaugurate a process of intuitive learning, responsible operation and handling, with creative application.

It’s about bringing the best out of machines, but that requires bringing the best out of employees!                          That’s where MHE4U steps in.                  We aim to maximise safety, health, convenience and efficiency to drive  workplace productivity to the next level, while keeping your employees safe.      This is the passion that keeps our exceptionally talented and widely experienced coaches improving their own standards each passing day, week, month and year.

Finally, it’s not just about booking the next training course with MHE4U, but about building solid relationships.

Call us for some advice on designing an amazing customised training programme for your industry.

We follow HSE Guidelines for Lift-Truck Training

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We follow HSE Guidelines for Lift-Truck Training

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